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Heart to Heart works alongside community partners to increase understanding of child abuse, prevention and response through training, community events and presentations. 

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​​Your support -- combined with the work of Heart to Heart CAC Advocates and partners in local law enforcement, social services, justice, mental and physical health, and others -- can create positive, meaningful and lasting change in the lives of local children.     

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Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center focuses on addressing the needs of children who have experienced significant trauma from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.  Our programs rely on active participation from community partners, funders, volunteers and other supporters like you.  

Heart to Heart's Advocates help children and families identify and address their physical, emotional, and mental needs, and link them to appropriate services in community. Advocates provide focused and ongoing assistance and followup, and providing support throughout the process and being there for the family as questions, concerns and challenges arise.
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Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center facilitates and supports a collaborative, child-focused, multidisciplinary approach to prevention, investigation, prosecution and therapeutic treatment of child abuse.

            Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center and the MDTs in Harvey, Marion and McPherson counties work to improve safety for children, reduce and address trauma, and strengthen our communitywide response to child abuse.

         Key results of this approach include: consistent and skilled provision of services, providing child victims and their families with advocacy, referrals to appropriate services, increased efficiency and success in prosecution, reduced duplication of efforts by community agencies, and protection of child victims.

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Prairie View Community Mental Health Center
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Area Pediatric Trauma Physicians and SANE/SART Nurses

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University of Kansas School of Medicine-Wichita

Multidisciplinary Team Members and Community Service Partners
Specially trained individuals engage in the interview process so that suspected victims of abuse can find the strength to discuss their trauma. Forensic interviewers are from area law enforcement, Department of Children & Families, and Heart to Heart.  The forensic interview process is structured in such a way that the interviewer can explore the child’s abuse in the least intrusive manner possible. Forensic interviewers strive to fully understand the scope of the child’s trauma.  After the forensic interview is concluded, the child and family work with Child & Family Advocates to access advocacy services.

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