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January 31, 2017

Hiring Executive Director for a Child Advocacy Center covering three counties including Harvey, Marion and McPherson. Director will lead and direct all operations of the organization, including human resources, such as hiring, training and supervision of staff. Responsible for payroll, budgeting and financial management for the centers in Newton and McPherson, including grant procurement and management. Maintain cooperative relationships with all agencies who are members of multidisciplinary teams to work child abuse cases. Maintain multidisciplinary team response to child abuse and facilitate team meetings. Participate and attend state, regional and national conferences/seminars in order to stay well informed on developments in child advocacy. Write or revise agency policies and procedures. Maintain accreditation with the National Children’s Alliance by adherence to NCA standards. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with courses in management and finance. Prefer a Master’s degree with a minimum of four years professional experience in not-for-profit leadership as either an executive or member of management team. Computer literate with knowledge of QuickBooks and payroll functions. Backgrounds check covering all states. Salary based on qualifications and experience. Heart o Heart is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are not able to open the Application, please e-mail h2h.director@gmail.com (please attach you resume and references). If you have questions, please call 316-804-4603.


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Children are our most important resource
What's new?
Funding gets cut

The 2010 year has already seen some disturbing budget cuts from the Governor's office.  It has become apparent to everyone that shortfalls of money is effecting many agencies and service organizations.  The year 2011 does not look much better, in fact, could be worse then 2010.  Unfortunately, the decrease in funding does not equal a decrease in children coming to the center because of abuse issues.  Looking at the numbers, Heart to Heart continues to realize an increase of children coming through the offices of Newton and McPherson.

There is only so much that can be done through "creative financing".  Bottom line, more dollars need to be raised through the local communities.  Heart to Heart is very grateful for the monthly contributions from the American Legion, the VFW, and Heart to Heart Vending.  But more is needed.  Recently, Marlene sent out a letter asking for consideration of contributions to Heart to Heart.  Please give some thought to making a monthly / yearly / one time donation to help keep Heart to Heart running.

In the nine years of Heart to Heart's existence, hundreds of children have been helped through the center.  Thousands have been touched by Heart to Hearts mission and dedication to the families and children of our communities. 

Please help us help the children

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center is now a full member of the National Children's Alliance.

On October 25th, Heart to Heart was notified that it was now a full member of the National Children's Alliance.  It has taken seven years to achieve this wonderful accreditation.  Through the hard work of Marlene, Kay, Karen, the Task Force and the Board of Directors, Heart to Heart passed all the written standards and site visit from the National Children's Alliance.  Heart to Heart is making great progress and advancement in the area of addressing child abuse.  The community should be proud of all they too have done to help Heart to Heart reach this level.  Through the fund raisers, the donations, and the giving up of precious time, Heart to Heart takes a mighty step forward.

Director Marlene holds up the certification of Heart to Heart's membership to the National Children's Alliance


Other Child Advocacy Centers in the State of Kansas

Children's Advocacy Center, Inc.
123 West Adams, Pittsburg, KS 66762
 Director Sandy Morris   cac@mobil1.net   620-235-0067
Chidren's Advocacy Center serves: Crawford, Bourbon and Cherokee Counties

Meadowlark House Child Advocacy Center
11405 Avenue A, Dodge City, KS 67801
Director Betsy Morin   crisiscenter@fordcounty.net    620-682-5195
Meadowlark House serves: Ford, Ness, Edwards, Hodgeman, Gray, Meade and Clark counties
Sunflower House, Inc.
 15440 W 65th Street, Shawnee, KS. 66217
 Director Cynthia Smith   www.sunflowerhouse.org   913-631-5800
Sunflower House serves: Johnson and Wyandotte Counties

SOS Child Advocacy Center
25 West 5th, Emporia, KS. 66801
 Director Kathleen Inwood   kinwood@soskansas.com   620-342-6565
SOS child Advocacy Center serves: Lyon and Chase Counties

Horizons Child Advocacy Center
1715 East 23rd, Hutchinson, KS. 67502
Director Jane Holzrichter   holzrichterj@hmhc.com   620-665-2240
Horizons serves: Reno, Pratt, Barber, Harper, and Kingman Counties

Saline County Child Advocacy Center - Chris' Place
300 South Ninth Street, Suite 105, Salina, KS 67401
Director: Gale Soukup   cac@salhelp.org   785-643-2424
Chris' Place serves Saline County

Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center
109 E 9th, Scott City, KS 67871
 Directors David Fyler and Kelly Robbins   krobbins@pld.com   620-872-3706
Western Kansas Child Advocacy Center serves 20 counties in Western Kansas

Prairie Advocacy Center
400 SW Oakley, Topeka, KS 66614
Director Kelly Stephens   prairieadvocacy@hotmail.com   785-357-4763
Prairie Advocacy Center serves: Shawnee and surronding counties of Jackson, Jefferson, Osage, Wabaunsee, and Potawatomie

Sunlight Child Advocacy Center
110 S. Gordy, El Dorado, KS
Director Nicole Stump 316-323-5120
 Sunlight Child Advocacy Center serves Butler County

*Beginning to develop: McPherson County

Harvey County Attorney David Yoder has been a faithful supporter of Heart to Heart.  Not only does he seek justice through the court system for the cases presented to him of the children who come to Heart to Heart reporting abuse, but he provides input and direction for the Center and its goals.  County Attorney David Yoder is a graduate of Finding Words of Kansas and believes in the mission of Heart to Heart.  His office was recognized last year by Heart to Heart for all they have done to help advance the growth of the Center.  
   Kay Perkins has been the Family Advocate for Heart to Heart for many years.  If you should ever call heart to heart it will be Kay's voice that greets you on the phone.  Kay, a retired school principal, is a natural in making connections with the children who come to the Center.  Kay has seen the Center grow in the years she has been with Heart to Heart.  Kay has helped the Center achieve so many goals.  Lt. T. Walton just can't seem to get away from Heart to Heart.  He was named "Heart to Heart Founder".  Over the years he has watched how the Center has grown through the community it serves.  The "Three Amigos" making Heart to Heart a better place.
    Dorothy Stucky Hale from the Kansas Attorney General's office of Crime Victims compensation, came to Heart to heart and provided staff, Detectives, and the County Attorney's office, information on resources that crime victims may have available to them.  It didn't take long for everyone to quickly realize how sincere and  dedicated Dorothy is to her job and to crime victims in the State of Kansas.  With the information she provided, Heart to Heart will work on completing crime victim application forms to better serve the children and families who come to the Center.  If approved, applications can provide counseling, therapy, medical assistance and even lost wages.
    Dorothy took a tour of the Center and was pleased to see how Heart to Heart was so concerned about the children of the community.  We were happy to have such a wonderful person visit Heart to Heart and proud to know what a good person is running the Kansas Crime victims Unit.
2007 Heart to Heart Awards

Awards were given out to those who made a difference for the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center in 2007.  The awards were presented at the "Just Desserts" and was well attended.  Those awarded were:

The Mitchell Family, Owners of the Chisholm Trail retail center and mall

The American Legion


Tricia Wells of the Sports Grill

Our heart felt thanks for all you have done for the Center and for your compassion you have for  the Children of our community

It was Kids Fest 2008.  Heart to Heart was there for the third year in a row.  This year Heart to Heat had a floating duck pond.  The kids loved it.  When a child picked up a duck, there was a number on the bottom of it.  The number awarded each child a prize.  The prize was fun, but playing in the duck pond and watching the ducks float around was even better.  Kay, Karen and Tee managed to keep the ducks swimming and handing out lots and lots of prizes.
Detective Lieutenant T. Walton of the Newton Police Department will be moving over to the Harvey County Sheriff's Office after winning the election of Harvey County Sheriff.  Sheriff Walton assures Heart to Heart that he will remain very active in the organization and will bring members of the Sheriff's Department into the Heart to Heart Task Force. 

Write or call your local representative to show your support of the funding in the Governor's budget using the information listed below:

Sen. Carolyn McGinn
11047 N. 87W
Sedgwick, Kansas 67135
(785) 296 7377

Rep. Marc Rhodes
1006 Lazy Creek Drive
Newton, Kansas 67114
(785) 296 7696

Rep. Don Schroeder
131 14th Ave.
Inman, Kansas 67546

Graduates of Finding Words of Kansas

Newton Police SGT, Bryan Hall
Newton Police Detective, Craig Douglass
Newton Police SGT, Mike Yoder
Newton Police Resource Officer, Randy Jordan
Newton Police Resource Officer, Chad Gay

Newton Police Detective, Brad Celestin

Newton Police Detective, James Pfannenstiel

Newton Police Resource Officer, Jeff Davis

North Newton Assistant Police Chief, Bill Koonce

Harvey County Attorney, David Yoder
Harvey County Assistant Attorney, Mike Llamas
Marion County Attorney,

Hillsboro Police Chief, Don Kinney
Hesston Police Chief, Doug Schroeder

Newton SRS Worker, Wilma Mueller
Newton SRS Worker, Ruth Meyer
McPherson SRS worker, Bill Toeves

  Harvey County Sheriff Investigator, Robert Guest

Harvey County Sheriff Deputy, Shawn Chapman

McPherson Police Detective, Mark Brinck
McPherson County Sheriff's Office, Captain Douglas Anderson
Assistant McPherson County Attorney
McPherson CAC worker, Suzee Shugart

Heart to Heart Director, Marlene Beeson

School Social Worker, Marian Heidner
School Social Worker, Lisa Yoder
School Social Worker, G.B. Yost
School Social Worker, Penny Dorado

We are proud to have all these professionals working with the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Team

In January 2010 a week of training for Finding Words of Kansas will take place in Wichita, Kansas.  There will be another group of heart to heart members taking part in the classes.

We are proud to see how involved Newton School District is in participating in Heart to Heart training and the mission of Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart is looking to start a support group for those involved in  cases of abuse.  If you find yourself needing help, needing to talk to someone, needing support, we want to help.    For more information on support groups, contact Marlene at Heart to Heart.  Stop by, call or email, Heart to Heart will be there for you and try our best to help.

Marlene Beeson

Finding Words of Kansas
Our Heart felt thanks to all those who attended the Finding Words of Kansas class hosted by Heart to Heart during the week of April 23-27, 2007.  Our thanks to the members of Grace Community Church who allowed us to use their campus for the week,  Grace Community was a wonderful setting for the class.  Heart to Heart hopes to host another class possibly in the year 2009.  Already, the third class of the year in Colby, Kansas is full.  Classes for the year of 2008 are planned for Butler County, Barton County and Leavenworth.  Those classes are already beginning to fill up.  It is great to see so many professionals  taking on the "R.A.T.A.C." process.

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