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January 31, 2017

Hiring Executive Director for a Child Advocacy Center covering three counties including Harvey, Marion and McPherson. Director will lead and direct all operations of the organization, including human resources, such as hiring, training and supervision of staff. Responsible for payroll, budgeting and financial management for the centers in Newton and McPherson, including grant procurement and management. Maintain cooperative relationships with all agencies who are members of multidisciplinary teams to work child abuse cases. Maintain multidisciplinary team response to child abuse and facilitate team meetings. Participate and attend state, regional and national conferences/seminars in order to stay well informed on developments in child advocacy. Write or revise agency policies and procedures. Maintain accreditation with the National Children’s Alliance by adherence to NCA standards. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with courses in management and finance. Prefer a Master’s degree with a minimum of four years professional experience in not-for-profit leadership as either an executive or member of management team. Computer literate with knowledge of QuickBooks and payroll functions. Backgrounds check covering all states. Salary based on qualifications and experience. Heart o Heart is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are not able to open the Application, please e-mail h2h.director@gmail.com (please attach you resume and references). If you have questions, please call 316-804-4603.


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Children are our most important resource

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center

Amount of children coming to the center reporting abuse

Year 2001     47 children
Year 2002     53 children
Year 2003     61 children
Year 2004     67 children
Year 2005     77 children
Year 2006   105 children
Year 2007   104 children
Year 2008   168      children
Year 2009   174      children
Year 2010   166      children
Year  2011  124      children
Year  2012  134      children
Year  2013  130      children
Year  2014   132     children
Year  2015   162     children
Year  2016   174     children

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center is a child-friendly, safe place where children can talk about what happened to them. Non-offending family members are welcome, too. Instead of having to talk about their abuse in multiple interviews for various agencies, we work together with these agencies to interview the child only once, if possible.

We are a nonprofit agency (501c3 status) with serve all of Harvey, Marion and McPherson counties. We provide services, resources, compassion and ongoing support for child abuse victims and families to help them begin to heal.


The community continues to support Heart to Heart and we send our thanks to every person who has given their time, support and money to help the children of our communities.


More and More children are becoming victims through the internet

Technology can be a wonderful tool and advancement for our society.  But technology can also bring into our very own homes, predators that seek our children as their victims.  On line child exploitation takes place everyday to any child that may enter a chat room or get on a computer and begin conversations with someone they may never see.  From a study by Wolak, Mitchell & Finkelhor in 2003 they found some startling statistics. One in five children received unwanted online requests to engage in sexual activities or to provide intimate sexual information. "25% of youth were exposed to unwanted online pornography.  Most of those unwanted exposures occurred while youth were surfing or searching the web, as a result of clicking on links or misspelling web addresses."  In 15% of those incidents, the solicitor attempted to contact the child in person, via telephone or by mail.  The study examined 2,577 arrests for internet sex crimes against minors during a 12 month period.  It was found that 97% of the offenders acted alone in the crime, 10% of those offenders had prior arrests for sexual offenses against minors, 67% possessed child pornography, 22% distributed child pornography, 27% solicited an undercover Officer.  44% of the offenders were between 26 and 39 years old, 40% were 40 years and older.  Of  the images of child pornography that has been sent out on the internet, 82% of the images were of children between the ages of 6 and 12.  These number are very worrisome to parents of young children who have access to the web.  Worse, though, are the predators known as "travelers".  Travelers hunt  in Yahoo, AOL and MSN chat rooms.  They hunt the websites for teen chats.  They will engage young children into chatting with them and attempt to set up a time and place where they may meet them.  Hence the term, "Traveler".  Travelers are extremely dangerous, they may promise gifts, and attention, but the meeting usually results is a sexual abuse crime.  Travelers will come from anywhere in the United States if they are able to set up a meeting with a child. It is vital that parents monitor what their children are doing when they are on the computer.  Some steps that can help with that kind of monitoring is to keep the computer where parents can observe it.  It's not a good idea to let a child have access to a computer in their own room.  Parents can check the history on the computer to see where their child has been going on the webb.  This is not to be confused with an invasion of privacy, it should be looked at as a proactive approach to what their child could possibly become a victim of. 
*If you, as a parent, should discover your child has been in contact with a predator on the webb, notify the Police Department, do not allow your child  continual contact and if need be, take the computer off line. Education and awareness is key to prevention of these kind of crimes.  Communicate with your children, open a dialog with them.  You are the ones your children should be chatting with, not the predators on the webb.
                                     Sheriff T. Walton

By Chad Frey

January 16. 2013 11:01AM

ABUSED: Heart To Heart helps with more than 150 child abuse cases

Newton Kansan

Marlene Beeson just finished grant reporting season at the Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center. Her head is swimming with numbers — lots of them.

For example, the center preformed 159 interviews in 2012. Beeson said that's an increase over 2011 — nearly every number she has is an increase. And behind every number there are children and families.

"It takes courage for child to come in and talk about what happened to them," Beeson said. "They know it will be hard on the family."

The center helped with more than 150 cases in 2012 — 121 of those were sexual abuse cases, 41 cases contained physical abuse and in 14 of those cases children witness violence. Those numbers don't add up when you total the types of abuse — which according to Beeson tells a sad story.

"We are getting more children in that have suffered multiple types of abuse," Beeson said. "That tells me that our cases are up this year, and we are identifying more types of abuse that children are suffering."

The majority of cases coming to the center are referred by the Newton Police Department and the Department of Children and Families (Formally SRS).

Heart to Heart provides children an interview process designed to prevent children from being re-victimized through the court process. The Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center was established in 2001 by professionals who were involved in abuse investigations.

The center now provides services to children in Harvey, McPherson and Marion Counties.

Last year, 75 cases originated in Harvey County — nearly half of the cases handled.

Six cases were for children which can not be placed within a single county — children moved from home to home, county-to-county, due to family issues.

"That is so sad," Beeseon said.

She said in most of those cases, parents are divorced. The child could be living with one parent or the other — or grandparents, aunts, uncles and extended family — at any given time.

In the majority of cases seen at the center, children are abused by someone identified as "other known person." In other words, not a biological family member. Last year 28 cases were allegedly the result of abuse by a father, seven the result of alleged abuse by a mother.

Most cases were from family friends, or non-blood relatives.

"It's a dilemma," Beeson said. "We can look on a map and see known offenders, but we can't protect our kids from people we know. … You need to know who are kids are with, be suspicious of others who try an get to know you to gain access to your kids. Does it sound paranoid? Yes. it does."

Beeson questions why the numbers continue to rise — if there are more children abused than ever before, of if there is another reason behind the increases.

"Maybe it was always there," Beeson said. "Maybe we are doing a better job of identifying those children and getting those kids the help they need."

She also questions how many more cases the center can take on in the face of budget cuts — and how the center will make up for lost revenue. She said the center will likely add another large fund-raiser in 2013 — though is unsure what that will be.

She also said she doesn't know who will run that fund-raiser, as her office needs to remain focused on helping the abused.

"In 2010, 2013 was identified as a tough year. We expect more cuts," Beeson said. "But our kids are worth it."


Registered Sex Offenders

A new site has become available to view registered Offenders in Harvey County.  By going to the Harvey County Web site and clicking on the Sheriff's Department, you will be able to navigate through the "Offender Watch Program"  This program shows you all the registered Offenders in Harvey County along with where they live.  You can enter your email address and as soon as an offender is registered, an email will be sent out to you showing you where the offender is living in proximity to your home. Sheriff Walton uses the "Offender Watch" program as a tool and a helpful aid to the citizens of Harvey County.

We are often asked where to go on the world wide web to locate where convicted sexual offenders are living.  One web site that will provide home addresses of those convicted is the KBI web site.  By typing in www.kansas.gov/kbi/ro.shtml you can search any City or County in Kansas.

An interesting link to a story of abuse and cover up of a Catholic Priest

A nice link to a Center in Oklahoma

A link to Kansas largest Child Advocacy Center

Good information on child abuse and child issues

This site provides information on Early Childhood development through scientific reseach

The Ryans have continued to support Heart to Heart, a great couple.  They own a business called "Those Blasted Signs" excellent quality work


From the Executive Director’s Desk



    This year has been one of tremendous growth for Heart to Heart.  The National Children*s Alliance accreditation and the opening of the Center in McPherson have been major accomplishments.  The McPherson center is now taking cases and providing services in that county.  The linkages between Harvey, Marion and McPherson counties are healthy ones for a number of reasons.  The opening of the McPherson Center adds more professionals with good ideas and expertise at investigating and prosecuting physical and sexual abuse cases.  Other professionals who understand the impact of abuse on child development and add their knowledge of medical and mental health issues to be resolved for abused children.

    In building the Heart to Heart organization we have critical needs to be met.
Victim support and individual therapy are costly endeavors but well worth it in terms of return on investment.  Research shows that an abused child who receives support and therapy is less likely to become a juvenile offender or to act out in a destructive manner.  Please consider a significant financial gift to help us meet the mental health needs of abused children.  Other ways that would be helpful is for you to join our *FRIENDS* family and help us with a FUN- Raiser that will bring resources to Heart to Heart. 

    As we begin the holiday season, I am reminded of the opportunities we have to help abused children and how stewardship benefits the giver as much as the receiver.  Our gifts come back to us in many forms.  Primarily, giving for the benefit of others adds meaning and purpose to our lives.  Given a choice, most of us would choose families with ample resources and good health in a country with a family-friendly form of government.  But we know, children do not get to choose the circumstances they are born into or the individuals who may cross their path and cause them to need the services of Heart to Heart. 
From the Honor The Circle materials that we use at our support circles, I ask that you:  

    **provide a peaceful and safe home for your family; 
    **create peaceful communities so that we all may live in harmony;
    ** resist addictions that hurt us and our families;
    ** seek education and knowledge, and the opportunities they bring; 
    **be responsible with money, so that it brings peace to the household and not turmoil;
    **care for all children, for they have joy to give us, and respect elders, for they have wisdom to give us; 
    **share your heritage and traditions with others, especially the young;
    **be respectful of your heritage and honor your culture as well as that of others;
    **live connected to all of life for the joy of it.

Marlene K. Lemmer Beeso

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