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January 31, 2017

Hiring Executive Director for a Child Advocacy Center covering three counties including Harvey, Marion and McPherson. Director will lead and direct all operations of the organization, including human resources, such as hiring, training and supervision of staff. Responsible for payroll, budgeting and financial management for the centers in Newton and McPherson, including grant procurement and management. Maintain cooperative relationships with all agencies who are members of multidisciplinary teams to work child abuse cases. Maintain multidisciplinary team response to child abuse and facilitate team meetings. Participate and attend state, regional and national conferences/seminars in order to stay well informed on developments in child advocacy. Write or revise agency policies and procedures. Maintain accreditation with the National Children’s Alliance by adherence to NCA standards. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with courses in management and finance. Prefer a Master’s degree with a minimum of four years professional experience in not-for-profit leadership as either an executive or member of management team. Computer literate with knowledge of QuickBooks and payroll functions. Backgrounds check covering all states. Salary based on qualifications and experience. Heart o Heart is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are not able to open the Application, please e-mail h2h.director@gmail.com (please attach you resume and references). If you have questions, please call 316-804-4603.


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Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Centers
702 N. Main, Newton, KS  67114                                  400 E. Kansas Ave. Suite 1, McPherson, KS 67460
 316-804-4603                                                                             620-245-0048 

 Our Mission

Dedicated to effectively and efficiently serve child victims of abuse and assist local communities in responding to allegations of child abuse

Our Goals

The goals of the center are to provide quality resources to children of abuse and their non-offending family members by offering:

  • A multidisciplinary team
  • A child appropriate/child friendly agency
  • Interviews by professionally trained forensic interviewers
  • Ongoing advocacy support, court preparation and accompaniment as appropriate
  • Referrals for medical intervention
  • Referrals for behavioral health services

Our Vision

Promote all agencies to harmoniously work together  to ensure children of abuse are not victimized again by the system that protects them.

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Heart to Heart Annual Country Dance Fundraiser and Silent Auction
Larry & the Big Buckle Band
Saturday, Feb. 20, 7:30-11:30
American Legion Post. 2, Newton
Tickets:  $15 individuals, $25 couples

Why A Child Advocacy Center

The origins of Heart to Heart date back to efforts by Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton and Department for Children and Families Social Work Supervisor Lori Hardin in 2000 to improve the experiences of children coming forward with allegations of abuse. 

Sheriff Walton and Lori Hardin had conducted many interviews with child victims of abuse.  They realized that traditional types of interviews were extremely difficult for children, many of whom were already traumatized by the abuse they experienced.  Walton and Hardin also recognized the environment where child interviews were conducted needed improvement. 

Back then, interviews were conducted at Police Stations, at schools, in police cars, or even in the child's home with the alleged perpetrator in the next room.  Too frequently, the child also had to be interviewed numerous times by various agencies involved in the abuse investigation.  Both Walton and Hardin agreed there had to be a better way!

By creating Heart to Heart, children who had been abused could come to a safe, neutral child-friendly center to talk about what happened to them.  The child and his or her non-offending family members could also access resources and support. 

The Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Model relies on a multidisciplinary response to child abuse.  Instead of numerous interviews by various agencies, those agencies joined in a team effort to interview the child only once, if possible.  The goal of Heart to Heart is to provide the necessary services, resources and compassion for children and families who come to the center reporting abuse to help them begin to heal.

Since opening in August 2001, more than 1600 children have come to Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Centers based on allegations of abuse.  Many of those cases have resulted in warrants, arrests, and convictions.



To Report Child Abuse or Neglect in Kansas, call:


Parenting Questions?
Call the Kansas Children's Service League Parent Helpline

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