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January 31, 2017

Hiring Executive Director for a Child Advocacy Center covering three counties including Harvey, Marion and McPherson. Director will lead and direct all operations of the organization, including human resources, such as hiring, training and supervision of staff. Responsible for payroll, budgeting and financial management for the centers in Newton and McPherson, including grant procurement and management. Maintain cooperative relationships with all agencies who are members of multidisciplinary teams to work child abuse cases. Maintain multidisciplinary team response to child abuse and facilitate team meetings. Participate and attend state, regional and national conferences/seminars in order to stay well informed on developments in child advocacy. Write or revise agency policies and procedures. Maintain accreditation with the National Children’s Alliance by adherence to NCA standards. Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree with courses in management and finance. Prefer a Master’s degree with a minimum of four years professional experience in not-for-profit leadership as either an executive or member of management team. Computer literate with knowledge of QuickBooks and payroll functions. Backgrounds check covering all states. Salary based on qualifications and experience. Heart o Heart is an Equal Opportunity Employer. If you are not able to open the Application, please e-mail h2h.director@gmail.com (please attach you resume and references). If you have questions, please call 316-804-4603.


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Children are our most important resource
About Us

In 2000, Sheriff Walton of Harvey County and Lori Hardin of SRS (now DCF) began the process of developing a Child Advocacy Center. Sheriff Walton consulted with and visited various Child Advocacy Centers in the Kansas region, searching for a program that could interview children of abuse without re-victimizing them.

Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Center was established in August 2001 by professionals who were involved in abuse investigations. The Center began to blossom and become very productive. Sheriff Walton maintained and managed the growing Child Advocacy Center until the need for more direct and consistent oversight.   

In January 2007, Marlene Beeson-Lemmer was named Executive Director.  After 7 years of dedication and service, she retired in April 2014.  Gene Kristenson served as Interim director until Jan. 2015.

In January 2015, Kerry Grosch was named the new Executive Director of Heart to Heart.  The Heart to Heart service region includes Harvey, McPherson, and Marion counties.  She oversees staff in two offices, one in Newton and one in McPherson. Gloria Arellano served as Interim director from Dec 1016 to Feb. 2017.

Current board members

-- Assistant Chief Mike Terry, President -McPherson Rep.                 -- Doug Anderson - McPherson County Rep.
-- Chief Eric Murphy - Vice President - Newton Rep.                        -- Mindy Lundy- Marion County Rep.
-- Stephen Owens, Treasurer - Harvey County Rep.                         -- Darrell Conrade - Newton   
-- Gloria Arellano, Secretary/Civil Rights - Harvey County Rep.          -- Lori Hardin, DCF - Harvey County Rep.
-- Gene Kristenson - Newton Rep.                                                 -- Lisa Beachy - Harvey County Rep
-- Chief Randy Jordan - North Newton rep.                                     -- Janet Reimer- Halstead
-- Under Sheriff Shawn Chapman - Harvey County Rep.

Historical timeline


  • Granted IRS 501(c)3 nonprofit status
  • Awarded grand from Kansas Bar Association


  • Marlene Beeson-Lemmer became Executive Director
  • Received Governor's grant
  • Heart to Heart McPherson County was established


  • Awarded Associate Status from the National Children's Alliance (NCA)


  • Re-accreditation from the National Children's Alliance


  • Gene Kristensen named Interim Executive Director


  • Kerry Grosch named Executive Director
  • Awarded Governor's, Attorney General's, and VOCA grants
  • Gloria Arellano named Interim Executive Director

Our Staff:

Executive Director

Dede Trumble
Newton Child Advocate


Lisa Donahue
McPherson Child Advocate

Ricky Valdez
Office Personnel