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Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Centers
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 Our Mission

Dedicated to effectively and efficiently serve child victims
of abuse and assist local communities in responding to allegations of child abuse

Our Goals

To provide quality resources to abused children and non-offending family members by offering:

  • A multidisciplinary team response to child abuse
  • A developmentally appropriate, child friendly agency
  • Child interviews by professionally trained forensic interviewers
  • Ongoing advocacy support, court preparation and accompaniment as appropriate
  • Referrals for medical intervention
  • Referrals for behavioral health services

Our Vision

Promote all agencies to work together
harmoniously to ensure that children of abuse are
not victimized again by the system that is
designed to protect them.

Why A Child Advocacy Center?

The origins of Heart to Heart date back to efforts by Harvey County Sheriff T. Walton and Department for Children and Families Supervisor Lori Hardin in 2000 to improve experiences of children coming forward with allegations of abuse. 

Sheriff Walton and Lori Hardin had conducted many interviews with child victims of abuse.  They realized that traditional types of interviews were extremely difficult for children.  Many were already traumatized by the abuse they experienced.  Walton and Hardin also recognized the environment where child interviews were conducted needed improvement. 

Back then, interviews were conducted at police stations, at schools, in police cars, or even in the child's home with the alleged perpetrator in the next room.  Too frequently, the child also had to be interviewed numerous times by other agencies involved in their own part of the abuse investigation.  There had to be a better way!

By creating Heart to Heart, children could come to a safe, neutral child-friendly center to talk about what happened to them.  The child and his or her non-offending family members could also access resources and support. 

The Heart to Heart Child Advocacy Model relies on a multidisciplinary response to child abuse.  Instead of numerous interviews by various agencies, those agencies join in a team effort to interview the child only once, if possible.  The goal of Heart to Heart is to provide the necessary services, resources and compassion for children and families who come to the center reporting abuse to help them begin to heal.

Since opening in 2001, approximately 1800 children have come to Heart to Heart based on allegations of abuse.  Many cases have resulted in warrants, arrests, and convictions.


To Report Child Abuse or Neglect in Kansas, call:


Parenting Questions?
Call the Kansas Children's Service League Parent Helpline

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